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Dominique Duvivier

Dominique Duvivier

Creator of this streaming platform, Dominique Duvivier is a living legend of magic: brimming with passion since the age of 8 and winner of the Mandrake d'Or, he has popularized the art of close-up magic in France since the 1970s.

In 1988 he opened “Le Double Fond”, a magic theater in the heart of historical Paris, that became a key place for magic in the world. He’s still performing shows all year long there with his daughter Alexandra Duvivier.

He has created thousands of tricks that are sold all over the world and has travelled the world to explain his inventions to his peers. He trained hundreds of magicians and created the “Double Fond School”, which delivers, for the first time in the world, a two years university degree in magic, recognized by the Ministry of Labor in France.

He took over the management of the oldest magic store in the world, created in 1808 (in Paris): Mayette Magie, where, as a child, he bought his first tricks.

His blog and his podcast are real phenomena: they are followed by thousands of Internet users every week.

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