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Congratulations on Double Fond TV. I'm enjoying !!!! Keep archiving and digitizing as many videos and interviews as possible. It’s a wonderful historical project for the history of magic that you are doing here ❤️❤️❤️

- Jehan Stefan

I give you a standing ovation and a big "Bravo!" Double Fond TV is one of the best presentations of magic I have ever seen. Every magician, professional or amateur, MUST have what you have created in their magic library. In previous conversations, I have mentioned that the Professor has pointed out many times that it is not the final effect that is important, but rather the journey to it. The history of magic is extremely important and what Double Fond TV presents touches all the important elements of magic. I commend you for what you have offered the magic community.

- Howard Hamburg

When artists renew themselves and find a new way to convey their art! Here the great magicians Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier éblouent and transmit their trimillénary art, so current in this world where the fake is not always as marvelous as here... Magic is a mysterious art of great modernity and Double Fond TV gives access to it for all.

- Jacques Attali

FULL of FANTASTIC and ORIGINAL magic. The videos are directed by a plentiful panel of maîtres. The content ranges from easy to hard, but it is always authentic and tested in front of real audiences. If you like good magic, I highly recommend you check it out.

- Christian Engblom

Thank you Dominique Duvivier and the whole team for creating this huge project and for trusting us, as well as giving us total freedom!

- Laurent Beretta

Excellent platform, I had already subscribed and I am not disappointed to have re-subscribed, the content is better and better, there is something for everyone and even secrets of great professionals! I thank you for creating this extraordinary platform, keep it up!!!

- Mathis

I'm not leaving: Double Fond TV! Thank you for creating it. It's really a chance to be able to access all this content of great variety and quality and to find the nice atmosphere that reigns in you, a cure of good humor and passion so contagious.

- Sébastien Thill

Super platform! If you êre a fan of Dominique Duvivier's work, go for it! Many other exceptional magicians deliver their best kept secrets through excellent quality videos. Perfect if you want to learn magic, great if you want to progress by learning from the best! Very nice work and thank you for this great sharing !

- Fabien Roques

I'm addicted to crazy à DOUBLE FOND TV!

- Steve Marion

Thanks and congrats again on this standard création.

- Jérôme Sauloup

Excellent platform. The content is getting better and better, there is something for everyone and even secrets of great professionals! I thank you for creating this extraordinary platform, keep it up !

- Lionel Toller

I am sincerely proud of your contribution to passing on your passion for magic. (…) Double FondTV is a beautiful declaration of love to us all. I have taken out a one year subscription and willingly step out of my comfort zone to learn and grow with you. What work, what energy for such a chain project. The best time is now: The best time is now: for me to live up to your fantastic investment. I send you a bouquet of kind thoughts that has the merit of not fading.

- François Laget

« I take the opportunity once again to tell you how much I love being a subscriber to DOUBLE FOND TV! You did a great job and I love it! I've been a magician for about 20 years, I learned magic through Dominique Duvivier's VHS tapes and finally, a TV dedicated to magic! And what a platform !!!! I will never understand the people who can (if any) criticize… They don't know how lucky they are to have so many tools to learn, to improve and to cover... and DOUBLE FOND TV brings it to us. Long live DOUBLE FOND TV, I will always be faithful to what you do, thank you again for the pleasure you bring me!

- Steve

I’m loving Dominique Duvivier's magic and her visionary taste for good magic. His new streaming channel is a guarantee of extreme quality. The best content is waiting for you. The magicians who are his partners in this new adventure are world class. Assuredly.

- Michael Weber

Kudos for, what a job! My congratulations to the whole team!"

- Emmanuel

Excellent magic platform containing routines by Dominique Duvivier never seen before...beautiful. Not to mention previously published general effects but with small modifications and new additions to go even further! Dominique intends to publish 1000 tricks from his 5000 finds stock. A crazy thing. Highly recommended for all true magic enthusiasts, in its most diverse forms. Thank you for this extraordinary sharing that will grow from week to week. Quality artists on the program with original, powerful and realizable effects in real conditions. Congratulations to all the artists and people involved in this great project...As for Mayette's secret store, it's just too good!

- Anthony Soudier

Kudos for opening up your platform. I love everything about the search for pites

- Alexandre

A big congrats on this platform!

- Cecile Perrin

From the bottom of my heart a big BRAVO for the Double Fond TV. Even though I only took the subscription « passion; ». I'm hooked !!!! I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on it.

- Isabelle

Acquired last night, it's great!"

- Bruno

The platform is extra! There are normally videos for everyone it's a great idea and concept! Well done and thank you!

- Anthony Bierkamp

Excellent. Great content. Lots of content. For 1 month ça totally worth them. Go for it!

- Alexandre

This is great!!

- Bruno

Bravo and congratulations to everyone who worked on it!

- Corinne Ancel

This is top notch! Thank you.

- Jean Bernard

« I wish to express my joy on the release of this platform! It is always a pleasure to see that in France we manage to make available média in French (books, conf, dvd and now streaming). We must not forget that piracy remains an asset for artistic creation by trivializing and devaluing it. It therefore counteracts the temptation to download videos for a few cents on numerous pirate sites. It allows to have access to a very nice catalog for at least 1 month without going into debt and without being limited to the risk of buying a DVD that might not be suitable. This platform will also allow us to have many more young people who will start watching magic in a more academic way than on YOUTUBE, and in the end, to have excellent future French artists on our stages who are just waiting to be opened. BRAVO à the DUVIVIER family as well as its faithful team by wishing you a very nice success in this project!"

- Maroine

Thank you and congratulations again for this standard création.

- Jérôme Sauloup

I’m having a problem with the Double Fond TV. Every time I watch a video I click on « add to favorites ». Ha ha ha!!

- Isabelle

You are full of energy that makes us smile again!

- Céline Millesac

« I just signed up and I think this platform is great. I've become addicted!

- Philippe Bresson

The "Addicted" subscription is simply excellent. As the weeks go by, this will become a real goldmine of magical content. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are really doing a great job for the magical arts. Your team has always provided quality since the early 90's when I was immersed in the Duviviesque universe. I adore you all and will always be fascinated by your universe. All the best and all my respects!

- Anthony SOUDIER, loyal subscriber;

Glad to be a part of the adventure since the beginning! A big thank you to Alexandra Duvivier and Dominique Duvivier for trusting us, pampering us and allowing us to see the extraordinary work they do to give notorious recognition to our profession.

- Laurent

Hello, congratulations for this great initiative, we are only at the beginning of this platform, and I guess a big potential for the years to come!!

- Quentin

Top, top, top! Thank you so much! Top this platform!!! Bravo to the whole team for this great job !

- Olivier Floc

I have, taken the addicted subscription and it's super awesome !!!! Thanks again for this project I love it !!!!! Here is a little message of thanks because I imagine that it was a lot of work for you to put everything in place and the result is great! You are all great !!!!

- Steeve Marion

I am a modest amateur who is getting back into the magic...after 40 years of a busy professional life in banking. Bravo for the Double Fond TV initiative: it's exactly what I needed to get back to basics. I am impressed by the richness of the content developed in a few months. Can't wait for the happy days to return to Double Fond!

- Emmanuel de Lutzel

What a pleasure it is to surf the fertile waves of your Streaming channel. With all of you, I'm replaying my scales with undisguised joy. You have succeeded in transmitting your passion, with each time, a complicity between Dominique and Alexandra in particular which is pleasant to see and hear. I am sincerely touched by the fact that you open the doors to a fantastic universe and that you continually push the limits.

- François

Double Fond TV, it's really, really, really great! Incredible! A gold mine!

- Frédéric Lambierge

Congratulations on this wonderful idea as well as the high quality design of the Double Fond TV . On this first day of Spring, I am won over by the intimate nature of the site

- Thierry Deppe

That’s REALLY VERY GOOD. Bravo. You have a really excellent « show » approach… Simply because you &ecirculate artists facing the audience and not just salesmen.

- Sébastien

I think you're doing a sensational JOB and especially a standard BRAVO for having the prerequisites!"

- Gregory Klein

Full of exclusive content , and most importantly an amazing library to learn from!

- Sullivan Herriberry

Since its release I have been adding exponentially to my magical repertoire. All the sections interest me and I normally spend a lot of time on them. I have made so much progress in magic that I have started to work on it... I'm going pro!

- Brown Eagle

It's amazing the work of the entire team that brings us this Netflix of magic! Thank you again for all you do for us in these not easy times.

- Steeve Marion

In your learning, there is a real Magic going on. That I try to transmit as best as possible. Thank you for all that you have brought, that you bring, and that you will bring, I hope for a long time! The challenge has been met with this "Netflix" of Magic! Congratulations again... and THANK YOU!

- John Owenn

I would just like to thank you for your investment in the Double Fond TV project. I find gems of magic that enrich my repertoire. My "addictive" subscription allows me to scan the whole platform, and to view the videos without limit. The platform is very well done, very professional, the contents are well classified and organised. Thank you also for the "home-like" atmosphere, often Alexandra and Dominique alone. This intimate and friendly atmosphere contributes a lot to the closeness that you can feel through the screen. The possibility of seeing shows at the Double Fond is also a great opportunity, I like it a lot. All this without mentioning the intervention of all your guest magicians who contribute to the various contents of the platform. A special thanks to Dominique Duvivier. I really enjoy following his work, his creativity, his shows, his magic. I remember for example the fact of always going further in the magic effects; the idea of profusion in the effects and/or the families, which often comes back in Dominique's magic. With friendship and respect for your work to all of you

- Louis-Nicolas Jeulin


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