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  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    "Pinch/ear twist" technique

    This very useful technique in balloon sculpture was described by Roger Siegel in Roger's Rubber Jungle, 1973

    "Split pinch twist" technique

    To add detail to the sculpturs

    "Bird body" technique

    Technique probably invented by Ralph Dewey.  

  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Here's Beatles Nervous Breakdown live excerpt from a show by Dominique Duvivier played at Double Fond. Enjoy what you see and if you want to know more you will find this trick elsewhere on the platform in studio version with the explanation and the possibility to buy everything you need for the trick. The perfect mental and small packet trick! Dominique presents a small package, in which there is a card with one of the four Beatles on one side and the four kings on the other. He then asks the spectator to think of one of the four kings. Freely, without forcing of any kind, the chosen king will be the ONLY king face up among the cards face down. Then he shows the other cards that are supposed to be the other kings, but not at all: they are the other three Beatles! The effect is devastating!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Here is a false shuffle technique that cannot be ignored, invented by Herb Zarrow. Dominique Duvivier presents here the classical handling of this essential technique, but also some of his own handlings and different applications. He also discusses another false shuffle: the Erdnase Shuffle. It's up to you!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    As a passionate magic fan, have you been longing for a new "Bloomerie"? Here's your reward for waiting! Gaëtan offers you here the pocket version of a theatrical card trick called "Attaboy", invented by Jack Hugues. In this trick, there was a kind of little cardboard bellboy who held a box in his hands and had another one at his feet. The magician would put all the cards in the bottom box and then put them, one by one, in the top box. When the spectator said "stop", the card on which the magician stopped would match the prediction. Thanks to the creative genius of Gaëtan Bloom, there is no more need for this very clever but very bulky device! It's brilliant, we love it! We are always fascinated by Gaëtan's universe and it's a great honor to be able to share his knowledge with you. Have a great time!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Several cards chosen by a spectator are mysteriously teleported, one by one, from the deck onto the table! Each time, the card is clearly shown in the middle of the deck, then without any suspicious additional gesture, we see that it is no longer there, but appears on the table! Terribly baffling.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    The Aces appear one by one, and are placed on one side of the table. Then a card is freely chosen by a spectator and placed on the other side. Despite the distance between them, the Aces (four cards, that is!) and the chosen card (only one card) will mysteriously change places twice in a row! A real mass transfer takes place in front of your astonished eyes... A magnificent and very unexpected effect!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    The trick is presented as a test to see if the magician and the audience are on the same wavelength! The test will prove that the spectators have lucky hands, this general connection being a good omen for the rest of the show! You can buy the “Mini Duvivier Wallet”: in our magic store Mayette: or in the « secret shop » of Double Fond TV if you have a subscription « I’m addicted to magic »  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    The magician places three "Gold" coins in a row on one side of the table, and three "Silver" coins on the other side. The three "Gold" coins will travel one by one to join the "Silver" coins, without any apparent contact! The method used is interesting: minimum handling, maximum effect!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Beginner"  
    The cards are spread out higgledy-piggledy on the table, face down. The magician names a card, and the spectator must touch the back of a card, the bet being that it must be the right one. For good measure, the process is repeated two more times by the spectator and the magician. The three cards are shown: they are the right ones! Easy to do, huge effect!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    A mysterious and very flash effect: you have only one card, but it changes three times! To be seen again and again, to amuse your fingers... and your spectators!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Pairs of cards are assembled according to the instructions of different members of the audience. The audience's options and choices are completely free. Despite these crazy conditions, the two cards making up each pair turn out to be identical! The trick was shot live at the Double Fond.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    A few preliminary remarks to explain to you the "spirit" in which we carried out the filming. Then the trick: it's a "Tsunami" of madness! Three cards are chosen successively in truly impossible conditions, and lost again in the same way. However, despite these "laboratory conditions", these cards are found by the magician!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    One of Boris Wild's favorite routines that combines "Triumph", "All Backs" and " Wild Card". A real act in itself with a very visual musical finale and a stunning climax!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Four thieves, symbolized by the Aces, pass one by one through the deck, then when they are caught by the gendarmes (symbolized by the cards in the rest of the deck), vanish... and gather in the packet chosen by the spectator! The saga of the gendarmes and the thieves, "Renélys style"!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN): The freely chosen card ends up at the number designated by the spectator. A killer version of David Berglas' mythical effect!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    How to find a chosen card in an original way. A flash and surprising trick, to amuse your fingers once again... and your spectators!  
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