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Jrme Sauloup

Jérôme Sauloup

Jérôme Sauloup is a French magician.At the age of 6, he made a vow to become a magician. Around the age of 12, his dream began to come true when he attended classes at La TEAM, a school created by Dominique Duvivier, one of the best in close-up magic. There, Jérôme met several masters of this discipline, including the magician Eric Przybysz, who encouraged him to continue in this way.

After his studies in psychology, he launches himself into the profession. After having had the chance to perform in Guy Savoy's various restaurants, his career is launched.

At the same time, Jérôme distinguishes himself by his creative and innovative spirit: he sells his creations to magicians all over the world and becomes the discreet consultant of several illusionists who receive a lot of media coverage. He is also the author of a dozen reference books for teaching magic to children.

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