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Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay is known as one of the world's leading and most influential mentalists of his generation.  

He was born on March 7, 1985, in Essex, England.  

He turned to the world of magic at the age of nine, working on tricks closely related to mentalism. 

He became a student of Ron MacMillan, owner of “International Magic” in London.  

Many other magicians helped him along the way, including Jerry Sadowitz, Michael Weber, Sebastien Clergue, Max Maven...  

He published his first book at the age of just 15, which brought him international recognition.  

A prolific writer on magic tricks, he is the author of 34 books on the subject, which are veritable "bibles" for many mentalists around the world. 

He is now one of the leading magicians of his generation. 

He has performed in over 20 countries and taken part in numerous conventions.  

He has also worked as a scriptwriter, psychological illusion designer and program consultant with such big names in the magic world as Criss Angel, Derren Brown, Dynamo and Marco Tempest, and served as a consultant for the TV series The Mentalist, which debuted in 2008. 

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