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Quoc Tien Tran

Quoc Tien Tran

Quoc Tien Tran is a French magician. He falls into the world of prestidigitation in his sixth year. Taking advantage of the slightest opportunity to get all the magic boxes at his disposal, he also devours all the specialized books he can find and spends all his pocket money at the Mayette Magie boutique, the oldest magic store in the world, in Paris. All he thinks about is magic! At the age of 10, he was soon lucky enough to be admitted to a magic club, the "French Ring", where he met his first masters, such as Renélys, Gaëtan Bloom, James Hodges or Dominique Duvivier.

For the happiness of his parents, Quoc Tien follows in parallel so-called "serious" studies. He became a doctor in mechanical engineering and worked for about ten years in aeronautics (Aérospatiale, Dassault).

But he does not forget his childhood passion. He is more and more solicited as a magician when an opportunity changes his destiny: in 1991 the famous magic store Mayette changes hands. His successor, Dominique Duvivier, is looking for a collaborator: Quoc Tien then becomes the manager of the store, where, as a little boy, he used to spend most of his time ...

He is also one of the most sought-after speakers in the professional training courses offered by Double Fond Formation, as part of the 1st diploma of Magician Bac+2 recognized by the Ministry of Labour in France.

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