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Out Of This World

  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Paul Curry's "Out Of This World" is one of the greatest card tricks of all time. Dai Vernon, "The Professor", used to consider it as "The best card trick of the 20th century"! Sylvain Latour offers you here an original approach. He has imposed certain conditions: the deck is shuffled by the spectator himself and he is the one who deals the cards.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Paul Curry's famous "Out of this World" trick is considered one of the greatest tricks of all time. Dai Vernon considered it to be "the trick of the century". Aldo Colombini came up with this extremely interesting variation because the spectators will not only be able to separate the red and black cards, but also the Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds! Success guaranteed! To buy a “Regular Bicycle Rider Deck” click here.  
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