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Poker deals

  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Macau, gambling hell! You will face a spectator in a frantic Poker game under the strictest conditions: only 10 cards are used, the spectator will designate FREELY each time which card is given to the magician, and which card he will get for himself. Despite these extreme conditions, not only will the magician win, but he shows that he has predicted both hands in advance! Success guaranteed!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    The deck is shuffled by a spectator. Two poker hands are determined under "laboratory conditions". However, whichever hand the spectator chooses, he will lose, because the magician will have a Royal Flush in Spades! To buy a “Regular Bicycle Rider Deck” click here.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    An easy, but devilishly effective demonstration of Poker cheating! A Poker hand is set aside BEFORE starting, this is the magician's hand. THEN the four aces are spread among the other cards, and then four other poker hands are dealt. The magician shows that he has the winning hand, because it is made up of... the four Aces, which in principle is impossible!  
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