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  • Included In The Subscription "Beginner"  
    A card is chosen by a spectator under extreme laboratory conditions. In spite of these impossible conditions, the magician finds the card without a moment's hesitation! This trick was published in Dai Vernon’s Inner Secrets of Card Magic, written by Lewis Ganson. Success guaranteed! To buy an ordinary deck of cards click here.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    A real little gem of mentalism, with five objects. While they are covered by a scarf, and you are standing with your back to them, the spectator removes them one by one and puts them, according to your directions, in his pockets. There is a prediction in view from the beginning. At the end, the prediction reveals that such and such an object will be in such and such a pocket, and the prediction proves to be correct! No stooges, no electronics, and a real surprise!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    This routine is another approach to the basic "The deck that remembers" routine: Your audience will experience a collective hypnosis exercise... that will go further and further! Three spectators will experience an extraordinary event... but what could be more normal, since they are under the hypnotic influence of the magician!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    As a passionate magic fan, have you been longing for a new "Bloomerie"? Here's your reward for waiting! Gaëtan offers you here the pocket version of a theatrical card trick called "Attaboy", invented by Jack Hugues. In this trick, there was a kind of little cardboard bellboy who held a box in his hands and had another one at his feet. The magician would put all the cards in the bottom box and then put them, one by one, in the top box. When the spectator said "stop", the card on which the magician stopped would match the prediction. Thanks to the creative genius of Gaëtan Bloom, there is no more need for this very clever but very bulky device! It's brilliant, we love it! We are always fascinated by Gaëtan's universe and it's a great honor to be able to share his knowledge with you. Have a great time!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Beginner"  
    A very strong impromptu trick with everyday objects. A spectator draws a simple geometric shape on a sugar cube with a pencil. The sugar is placed into a glass of water, the spectator's hand is placed over the opening of the glass. As the sugar dissolves in the water, the "emanation" of the inscription will rise into the spectator’s palm, and he will be amazed when he discovers that the inscription is now reproduced on his own hand!  
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