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Benot Rosemont

Benoît Rosemont

Benoît Rosemont is a French magician. He has been interested in magic from a very young age. At 12, he meets the magician Paul de Rhuys who changes his destiny by becoming his master. Encouraged to follow a "classical" path, Benoît Rosemont continued his studies at the ISG Paris business school, where he graduated at the top of his class in 2001.

Settled in the Paris region, it is however far from Paris that his career begins, as a magician on board cruise ships in Russia. Travels, encounters, enough to enrich the spirit of an artist fill him with a lifetime of experiences. In addition to his close-up magic performances for companies, Benoît Rosemont writes successively a magic show for children, a family magic show, a balloon sculpture show for children, and finally a mnemonic show, which will be recognized "Magic show of the year 2017" in the Mentalism category.

Benoît is also a trainer. Since 2019, he has been part of the pedagogical team of Double Fond, a professional training organization that provides the first and only state-recognized magician training (Bac+2 level).

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