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  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    The magician shows six miniature suitcases and six envelopes. Envelopes and suitcases are paired in a clear and random way according to the wishes of six different spectators, using a "magic formula"! It is clear that it was impossible to predict in advance how the suitcases and envelopes would be combined; however, the objects in the suitcase and the associated envelope are clearly complementary each time: for example, the card that was in the envelope complements the four cards in the suitcase, to form a royal flush! Success guaranteed!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    The magician displays about 15 indifferent cards and asks a spectator to think of one of the "possible cards" in the packet. When the spectator names the card he has thought of, we see that it is impossible... because when the cards are displayed again, they are all the same, and different from the spectator's card, which he could not have chosen! He then takes a deck out of its case, and mysteriously produces the card that had been freely thought of! The cards specially printed to perform this trick are provided in Dominique Duvivier's "Let's Have a Dream" trick, which you can get in our Mayette magic store:  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Five spectators each choose a brown paper bag under extreme laboratory conditions. The sixth and last bag is for the magician. Each bag contains a surprise gift: the spectators receive various trinkets: candies, some toilet paper, a paper napkin, etc... But in the magician’s bag, there are... lots of banknotes! A great classic revisited by Gaetan Bloom. Even if you know the previous versions, you will be fooled! Gaetan gives you the instructions to make the trick by yourself, or you can buy it in our Mayette magic store:  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    A "Triumph" on vitamins! A spectator chooses a card, the deck is shuffled with half the cards face up, and half face down. The magician first guesses the name of the card. Then, in a second step, he declares that he is going to put the deck back in its original order; indeed, when he spreads it out, all the cards are now face down... except for one mistake: the card chosen by the spectator is the only face up card! The climax is quite spectacular: when the deck is ribbon spread face up, it is really back in its original order... since the cards are now ordered from Ace to King and by suit! And the icing on the cake, the chosen card is in the right place!  
  • END
    Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    A succession of predictions with a shuffled deck of alphabet cards. A perfect effect for a finale.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    Physicists have developed “String Theory”: our space-time might not be made of four dimensions, but of 30! The spectator is invited to freely choose one of the dimensions. And from there, we will witness a series of effects in this particular dimension: a card will travel in full view from one packet to another, then we will make a journey in space-time, and finally we will make a non-thought of object travel... but which travels all the same. Quite a program! A routine with many effects out of time... and space!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    Another miracle from our friend Howard Hamburg. The spectator chooses a card under absolute "laboratory conditions". However, all you have to do is spell out the spectator's name by counting one card per letter... and the last card turns out to be the spectator's! Success guaranteed!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    This video is the live performance of this trick already published on Double Fond TV. A trick that can even be done over the phone, where everyone understands except the spectator… It's great!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    You are going to make your spectators experience a special adventure, a mix of all kinds with several types of effects. A prediction deck (red back) is shuffled. Four cards are chosen from a second deck (blue back) under crazy conditions by four different spectators, while the magician's back is turned. These cards are lost in the deck under equally clear conditions. The magician, "to warm up", starts by finding the four Aces in the blue deck. The cards in the prediction deck are now counted: there are only 48. The four missing cards are the chosen cards, and have mysteriously traveled into the blue deck! And to top it all off, the four Aces from the red deck travel one by one into the magician’s four pockets.! At the end of this routine, both decks are handed out for examination.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    PATEO Force (Pick Any Two, Eliminate One) is a method of forcing a particular object from a set of objects created by Roy Baker. It involves the spectator and magician in a rotating selecting and elimination process, leaving only one object from an unlimited number of objects.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    The spectator chooses a card, which is lost in the deck. A magic pass, and a card mysteriously turns up face up in the center of the deck; but against all odds, it is not the one chosen by the spectator: it is the 5 of Hearts. The magician then counts the cards from the 5, and the fifth one turns out to be... the chosen card. A completely automatic trick, but devilishly effective!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    An exceptional card transposition! Two cards are chosen, and lost in the deck. The magician asks the first spectator what the value of his card is (e.g. a 9). He takes out the corresponding four of a kind. 1st effect: the chosen card (e.g. the 9 of Diamonds) is magically turned face down among the three other 9s, which remain face up. 2nd effect: The magician announces that the second card in the deck will turn over. When he ribbon spreads the deck, astonishment, it is not the second card chosen that is face up, but... the 9 of Diamonds! 3rd effect: the card face down in the four of a kind is shown: it is the other chosen card! Guaranteed impact.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    The magician opens a small envelope and shows that there is a card inside: it is his prediction card. The envelope is closed and left in full view. A card is freely chosen, and is lost in the deck. The magician takes the envelope again, and the prediction card magically goes through the envelope! The envelope is opened, it is now empty! The card is turned over, it is the card that has been freely chosen before, and is no longer in the deck!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    The mentalist asks a spectator to project his thoughts into the magician's head. The experiment takes place in three steps: first he guesses the letter that the spectator "sends" him, then a two digit number, and finally the card he has chosen. And the icing on the cake is that the magician shows that the card was predicted in advance! A very personal application of Viktor Vincent's double reality principle.  
  • Included In The Subscription "Passionate"  
    A card is freely chosen, lost in the deck; the deck is enclosed in its case. A silk is handed for examination, and placed on top of the case. Despite these laboratory conditions, the chosen card will disappear from the deck and end up in the folds of the silk!  
  • Included In The Subscription "Addict"  
    The magician takes the two black kings out of the deck and puts them face up aside on the table. Then he asks a spectator to name any card from the deck, except the two black kings, of course; the choice is completely free. Incredibly, the thought of card is no longer in the deck, it is sandwiched face down between the two face up black kings! A real miracle!  
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